Our firebowls come in a range of sizes; the smallest is 500mm, the largest (so far!) is 2000mm. So whether you need something compact and neat for a small courtyard garden, or very large for a more open setting, we can provide you with a dramatic and functional centrepiece. The larger sizes in particular look spectacular at night and are easy to maintain – the surface rusts naturally and requires no further upkeep, provided the central plug is removed to prevent rainwater pooling in the bottom of the bowl when not in use.

Smaller bowls look good both with the patina of rust and painted with heatproof paint if required. 

Do please get in touch for current prices and to discuss any bespoke stands or cooking-grill options you may be interested in.

This firebowl was commissioned as a birthday present - the bowl is 700mm diameter and the stand was cut by hand with a plasma-cutter.


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